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Another Day Another Social Media Platform

Posted on November 23rd 2022

Hive Social

With the recent debacle at Twitter I have been looking at (and joining) a number of new platforms.

The latest of these is Hive Social, which appears to be an interesting combination of Twitter and Instagram with the music sharing thrown in as an added extra.

You can find my Hive Social page, along with links to my websites and other social media accounts on my links page.

Archie Comics Corner Boxes

Posted on November 12th 2022

Archie Comics Corner Boxes

These drawings of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog were drawn for the Corner Box Challenge over on Instagram.

The idea is to re-create an old comics corner box in the artist’s own style.


Posted on November 2nd 2022

Dave Windett at Mastodon.Art

With the recent takeover of Twitter I decided that I may at sometime in the future want to close my account on the platform.

Although @Dave_Windett on Twitter will remain fully active at this time, I have decided to join Mastodon, specifically Mastodon.Art. You can follow me at @DaveWindett​

Mastodon is not a single website but a network of thousands of websites called “instances”, also called servers. For an overview of the network check out Wilfred Chan’s Guardian article.

(For a list of my active social media accounts, websites, and online stores, please visit my links page)

Funny Animals

Posted on October 11th 2022

Funny Animals

A recent commission, Ink and coloured markers on card.

Anderson Is Go

Posted on September 25th 2022

Venus from Fireball XL5

An illustration of Venus from Fireball XL5 that I drew a few years ago for publisher Jim Main has finally seen print.

It can be found in first issue of Anderson is Go, a 44 page full colour magazine from Main Enterprises.

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