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Cigarettes & Alcohol

Posted on April 29th 2024

Girl wearing a beret

Drawing for Arts by Addie "Draw This In Your Style" challenge over on Instagram.

Enneskillen Comics Festival

Posted on April 21st 2024

Enneskillen Comics Festival Announcement

I have just been announced as a guest of this year’s Enneskillen Comics Festival.

The festival which takes place on the eighth and ninth of June is held in St. Macartin’s Cathedral Hall, Enniskillen, Northern Ireland.

Astro Ninja Girl

Posted on April 13th 2024

Astro Ninja Girl icon design

I was recently commissioned to create a logo for the Astro Ninja Girl website.

The site provides a subtitling service for fans of the Japanese Touken Ranbu stage plays based on the video game and anime series of the same name.

The client instructed that the girl part of the name should be ignored when designing the icon and that it should be simple and able to work at any size.

I produced a number of thumbnail drawings, with the design containing the six pointed shuriken being chosen and worked up into a finished piece.

Muttley Commission Swap

Posted on April 6th 2024


This ink drawing of Muttley is my part of a commission swap that I am doing with fellow artist Dave Lung.

Dave, who I first met when we were both guests of the Malta Comics Convention, will be making me a drawing of the old King Features character, The Phantom.


Posted on March 30th 2024


Another illustration that started out as an ink sketch. I used Adobe Capture to clean up and smooth the lines and then coloured it in Clip Studio Paint.

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