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Up the Creek with a Paddle

Posted on December 16th 2021

Up the Creek with a Paddle

Drawing for the Monsters Go drawing challenge.

Every Friday a child’s monster drawing is posted to Instagram, the participants then create their own version of the design.

Draw the Line - Donate Skills

Posted on December 10th 2021

Draw the Line - Donate Skills Book

A new and revised edition of Draw the Line has recently been published by America’s Street Noise Books.

The book is a collection comics and illustrations that provide positive actions that anyone can take when faced with a prevailing political landscape they do not like.

I am happy to say that my contribution to the original book for the “Donate Skills’ section has been included in this version of the book.

Twitter Art Exhibition 2022

Posted on December 5th 2021

Illustration for Twitter Art Exhibition 2022

Ink and Coloured Pencil illustration for next year’s Twitter Art Exhibition.

Artists worldwide donate postcard-sized, handmade original artwork to the Twitter Art Exhibition. The annual charity fundraising event is hosted in a different country and benefits a different charity each year.

This is the fifth time that have contributed a drawing.

Next year the Exhibition will be hosted at The Hiscox Building in York, for a two day sale, on June 25-26th.

All proceeds from the sales will go to the Encephalitis Society.

Any cards not sold on the day will be available to purchase online.

Booster Jab

Posted on November 26th 2021

Booster Jab

Recently I received my Covid 19 Booster Vaccine, so I drew this little cartoon to celebrate.

More and More Monsters Go

Posted on November 17th 2021

More and More Monsters Go

Four more of my drawings for the Monsters Go, Draw This In Your Style, challenge over on Instagram.

The aim is to remake monsters drawn by kids; new prompts are posted every Friday.

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