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Superior Hiking Trail Tales

Posted on August 24th 2023

Superior Hiking Trail Tales cover art

Cover Art for Trail Tales II - Tales from the Superior Hiking Trail.

Written and Published by Paul Kautz, it is a collection of seven short stories based around the adventures of a boy named Scout, his father and the animals they encounter.

The stories are not only entertaining but readers are also encouraged to consider how they may enjoy nature whilst minimising their impact on the world around them.

The book will be available in October.


Posted on August 17th 2023

Aqua comic strip pencils

Many years ago I was commissioned to draw a strip featuring Aqua of Barbie Girl fame.

These are the pencils for one of the two strips I drew before the publisher decided that he only wanted to pay me half the fee that I had agreed with the magazine’s editor.

After a brief argument over the phone where I was told “it doesn’t matter what my editor said I only pay XXX”, I refused to send the artwork.

I didn’t get paid but he had to scramble to find something to fill the hole in his magazine.

Needless to say, the publisher’s company didn’t last long.

Supernova & Threads

Posted on August 14th 2023

Supernova and Threads

I recently joined a couple more social media sites - Supernova and Threads.

Threads probably needs no introduction as it’s Meta’s attempt at replacing X the platform formally known as Twitter.

Supernova is more like old school Instagram, before it got taken over by Meta and tried to become TickTock.

It advertises itself as the social network for a positive world and donates part of it’s advertising income to charities chosen by the site’s members.

My experience with Supernova so far is that it is a much more pleasant place to hang out than most of the other platforms out there.

Spaceman Spiff

Posted on August 6th 2023

Spaceman Spiff mock pulp magazine cover

London’s Jam Bookshop will be celebrating the release of Bill Watterson‘s new graphic novel, The Mysteries in October, with a Draw Calvin and Hobbes exhibition of art, in tribute.

Potential participants were asked to post their pieces on Twitter and Instagram with appropriate hashtags.

Pose Challenge July 2023

Posted on July 28th 2023

Pose Challenge July 2023

Drawing for the Instagram art challenge set by Tony Helms and the Pose Archive.

I’m not sure if it’s just me but I get an Agents of Shield vibe from what I came up with, the original, 1968, comic book version that is.

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