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Posted on September 11th 2022


With the recent changes to the Instagram algorithm and renewed interest in VERO true Social on various social media sites, I have decided (as an experiment) to re-activate the account I setup in 2018.

@davewindett on VERO

National Doodle Day Auction

Posted on September 2nd 2022

Cartoon cat in a box for National Doodle Day

The 18th annual fundraising National Doodle Day eBay auction officially opened today.

My Cat in a Box sketch was one of more than 300 pieces that were donated.

All proceeds go to Epilepsy Action, with bidding closing at 6.00pm on Sunday the 4th of September.

Three Eyes

Posted on August 16th 2022

Three Eyes for Monsters Go

This is another one of the illustrations I have made for a weekly instagram art challenge.

Every Friday a child’s monster design is posted to the Monsters Go instagram page, the participants then create their own version of the design.

Checked Shirt (Sketch Re-Work #5)

Posted on August 5th 2022

Checked Shirt

The sixth drawing in my Re-Work series where I take a drawing from one of my old sketchbooks and turn it into an illustration using Clip Studio Paint, my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.


Posted on July 21st 2022


A recent commission, this cartoon of Skye was given to them as a birthday present.

The drawing had to include a rainbow, a cat and some reference to musical theatre.

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