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Monsters Go

Posted on June 11th 2021

Four Monsters Go drawings

A few of my recent drawings for the Monsters Go, Draw This In Your Style, challenge over on Instagram.

This art challenge started in 2016 on Twitter and is now on Instagram.

The aim is to remake monsters drawn by kids; new prompts are posted every Friday

Raven & Beast Boy

Posted on June 6th 2021

Raven and Beast Boy

Illustration for Phil Tomato’s "draw this in your style" art challenge over on Instagram.

Shameless Zazzle Store Plug!

Posted on May 31st 2021

T-shirt Designs

A few of the T-Shirt designs that I recently added to my Zazzle store.

The Lookout

Posted on May 25th 2021

The Lookout

A recent illustration, she is either a lookout for a gang or an undercover cop, you decide.

Ron and the Scientists

Posted on May 21st 2021

Ron and the Scientists

Commissioned illustration of Ron Evans author of a forthcoming book about anti-gravity surrounded by famous physicists and engineers.

This is a traditional piece - ink, markers and coloured pencils.

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