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Judged on a Sunday

Posted on June 2nd 2023

Sector 13 Fanzine

I recently received my copy of Sector 13 issue Seven - Sunday Supplement, for which I drew Benutz, a Peanuts parody set in Judge Dredd’s Cursed Earth.

Sector 13 is a high quality Fanzine published by Belfast-based, 2000 AD fan group, “Sector House 13: The Pit”

One of the people behind it is Peter Duncan who also publishes the Splank Anthology for which I drew Spookytown.

Marvin the Martian for National Doodle Day

Posted on May 30th 2023

Marvin the Martian for National Doodle Day

This ink and coloured pencil sketch of Marvin is for the annual National Doodle Day fundraising auction.

Organised by Epilepsy Action, figures from the worlds of art, sport and entertainment are asked to create one off doodles.

These doodles are auctioned off to the highest bidder following a 3 day eBay auction which will begin this year on Friday 15th September.

SHT4U2NO Released

Posted on May 23rd 2023

Papberback copy of SHT4U2NO book

Recently received from Paul Kautz, a paperback copy of his book SHT4U2NO.

I was responsible for the cover and all interior art of this hiking tips book.

The book can be purchased directly from Paul or from Amazon (where a Kindle edition is also available)

Having A Whale Of A Time

Posted on May 16th 2023

cartoon whale t-shirt design

This Cute Blue Whale t-shirt is now available from my Zazzle Store.

Strike A Pose

Posted on May 5th 2023

Cartoon of a blue skinned girl with pointed ears holding a small guitar, and (inset) the pose reference photo.

This drawing was for the April art challenge set by Tony Helms and the Pose Archive over on Instagram.

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