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Bomb Scares

Posted on October 3rd 2023

Comic book panel from Bomb Scares

A panel from the strip I drew for Bomb Scares, a new horror anthology from Timebomb Comics.

Behind a cover by Jimmy Broxton, the anthology features work by an eclectic lineup of international creators including Hunt Emerson, John Erasmus, Liam Sharp, Alex Nino, and Trevor Von Eeden.

To find out more and sign up for a notification when the crowdfunder launches, visit the Bomb Scares page on Zoop


A Good Witch

Posted on September 27th 2023

Wendy the Good Little Witch

Harvey Comics character Wendy the Good Little Witch was created by artist Steve Mufatti.

Her first published appearance was in issue 20 of Casper the Friendly Ghost, May 1954.


Posted on September 20th 2023

Picture drawn with Adobe Fresco

When making digital art on my iPad I generally use Clip Studio Paint or on occasions ProCreate.

This piece was, however, inked and coloured using Adobe Fresco.

Fresco is Adobe’s answer to ProCreate and can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store.

Whilst the free version of the app provides all the tools you need to produce digital art, there are a few premium features that are only available in the paid subscription version. These include an expanded brush library, more fonts, and the ability to import brushes.

I also discovered that the exporting options are limited in the free version.

I am quite happy with the result, however I don’t see myself switching from Clip Studio Paint anytime soon.

Strings Attached

Posted on September 8th 2023

Strings Attached

This was originally drawn for a competition.

In The Habit

Posted on September 1st 2023

Drawing of a monk sat at a writing desk

Sussex Roots Magazine commission.

I was asked for an illustration in the style of a mediaeval drawing which explains some of the design choices and why the perspective is off.

The final image needed to be black and white so I gave the editor a choice of black line or line and grey tones.

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