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In the Bushes

Posted on March 17th 2023

This Illustration was for a “draw this in your style” art challenge (over on Instagram) set by a user who goes by the name - Art by Vica.


Posted on March 7th 2023

Illustration of a girl's face rendered with halftone patterns

When finishing this illustration I decided to experiment with the tone patterns available in Clip Studio Paint.

Chase Speedington

Posted on February 21st 2023

Chase Speedington

This drawing of Mike Hartigan’s Chase Speedington was drawn for a Draw This In Your Style Challenge that he held over on Instagram.


Posted on February 9th 2023

Labradoodle T-Shirt Design

I have just added this T-Shirt featuring a cute Labradoodle puppy to my Zazzle store.

Doodle Prompt: Creature

Posted on January 28th 2023

Doodle Prompt: Creature

This drawing was for the Doodle Prompt Challenge over on Mastadon.

The participants were asked to draw a fictional creature from another planet.

There was also the option to Roll a Die to add a feature to your drawing.

  1. Teeth
  2. Wings
  3. Flames
  4. Poison
  5. Armour
  6. Water

I rolled a two!

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