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Electric Concrete

Posted on May 19th 2024

electric concrete truck

Norwegian concrete contractor OH Betong have in the past commissioned drawings from me featuring their concrete trucks and something that visually represents their slogan - “No Job Too Small”

The company is entering a new era, they have purchased two new electric concrete trucks and one hybrid concrete pump which can pump the concrete with electricity from a cable on the building site.

They wanted a new illustration from me featuring one of the new trucks and the pump.

The figure standing on the safety helmet is a Nisse, a friendly mythical creature from Norwegian folklore.


Posted on May 12th 2024

Roxanna Reynard

Roxanna Reynard, a character I Co-created with writer Ferg Handley for the short lived football comic Foul.

I came across a scan of the black and white line art for this drawing and thought it would be fun to colour it.

The original was commissioned by Arild Wærnes one of the organisers of Raptus the Norwegian comic festival.

Hunting & Fishing

Posted on May 6th 2024

3 pictures of a hunter

Two years ago Cowach Industries ( a small startup ) commissioned me to draw a cartoon of a man using one of their fish clubs.

The owner, who christened the character I created Googan, recently asked me to draw three more images of him.

Apparently a Googan is a term for an inexperienced or badly-behaved fisherman.

Cigarettes & Alcohol

Posted on April 29th 2024

Girl wearing a beret

Drawing for Arts by Addie "Draw This In Your Style" challenge over on Instagram.

Enneskillen Comics Festival

Posted on April 21st 2024

Enneskillen Comics Festival Announcement

I have just been announced as a guest of this year’s Enneskillen Comics Festival.

The festival which takes place on the eighth and ninth of June is held in St. Macartin’s Cathedral Hall, Enniskillen, Northern Ireland.

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