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Booster Jab

Posted on November 26th 2021

Booster Jab

Recently I received my Covid 19 Booster Vaccine, so I drew this little cartoon to celebrate.

More and More Monsters Go

Posted on November 17th 2021

More and More Monsters Go

Four more of my drawings for the Monsters Go, Draw This In Your Style, challenge over on Instagram.

The aim is to remake monsters drawn by kids; new prompts are posted every Friday.

Pink & Blue

Posted on November 10th 2021

Pink and Blue

Illustration for a draw this in your style challenge set by Animation Artist Dave Beauchene (davecharacterart) over on Instagram.


Posted on November 4th 2021

Triceretops T-Shirt

The latest addition to my Zazzle store features this cute cartoon Dinosaur.

All Hallows' Eve

Posted on October 25th 2021

Green Witch

A green witch for Halloween!

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