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Oh Mickey You're So Fineā€¦

Posted on August 9th, 2020

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse, drawn for the Disney Doodles challenge over on instagram.

Createdby Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse first appeared in the 1928 film Steamboat Willie.

The shoeless look comes from early concept drawings of the character.

For more on Mickey visit Mickey Mouse on Wikipedia.


Posted on August 4th, 2020


Drawn for an Instagram art challenge, this illustration was one of the ones chosen to appear in an upcoming issue of Dynamite Entertainment’s Vampirella comic.

The character was created by Forrest J Ackerman and artist Trina Robbins for Warren Publishing's black-and-white horror comics magazine Vampirella.

For more about Vampirella visit Vampirella on Wikipedia.

T-Shirts, T-Shirts, T-Shirts

Posted on July 27th, 2020

T-Shirts on Zazzle

I have recently re-organised my Zazzle store. I removed a lot of miscellaneous items so that I could concentrate on selling T-shirts.

Six Fan Arts X 2

Posted on July 20th, 2020

Maschinenmensh, The Joker, Fritz the Cat, Pink Panther, Felix the Cat, Usagi YojimboRoy Batty, Hong Kong Phooey, Harry Potter, Lola Bunny, Space Mouse, Spooky

My two sets of drawings for the Six Fan Arts challenge set by mcapriglioneart over on twitter.

The idea was to ask your followers to suggest characters to draw.

From those suggestions I decided to draw characters that I hadn’t previously been commissioned to draw:

Maschinenmensh (Robot Maria) from Metropolis, The Joker from Batman the Animated Series, Robert Crumb's Fritz the Cat, The Pink Panther, Felix the Cat, Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo, Roy Batty from Bladerunner, Hong Kong Phooey, Harry Potter, Lola Bunny, Space Mouse, and Casper the friendly ghost's cousin Spooky.

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