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Where To Find Me Online

Posted on June 26th 2022

Where To Find Me Online

Many social media and professional work sites limit the number of links you can add to your profile.

To make things easier, my brother Paul who designs and implements my websites has created a page that gathers all the links to my websites, social media, and online stores in one place.

Spotty Monster

Posted on June 16th 2022

Spotty Monster T-Shirt

This Spotty Monster T-Shirt is the latest edition to my Zazzle store.

Sea Monsters Go

Posted on June 7th 2022

Sea Monster

Drawing for the Monsters Go Drawing Challenge.

Every Friday a child’s monster drawing is posted to Instagram, the participants then create their own version of the design.

Green Daemon (Sketch Re-Work #5)

Posted on May 30th 2022

Green Daemon

The fifth drawing in my Re-Work series where I take a drawing from one of my old sketchbooks and turn it into an illustration using Clip Studio Paint, my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

Optic Nerve

Posted on May 23rd 2022

Heavy Metal band Optic Nerve

This illustration was another commission from writer Bruno Buteneers.

The drawing is to be printed on a variety of items that will be given to backers of his successfully crowd funded audio drama - De Laatste Tournee.

The story features the members and management of the perennially unsuccessful heavy metal band Optic Nerve.

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