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Raptus 22-07: All you need is love

Posted on August 4th, 2011

A few days after the recent tragic events in Norway, Arild Wærness, the chief organiser of the Norwegian Comics festival (Raptus), sent the following message to the many comic creators who have some kind of connection to the festival.

“In 60 days we will hold our annual comics festival. But it is quite impossible for us to celebrate the 9th Art this time without some kind of remembrance towards the atrocities that just happened in Oslo. Nearly 100 youths in their prime cut down, political students, yes, but also young readers of Donald Duck, Elfquest, Conan, Pondus, X-Men and Superman.
It is also brought to our attention that Raptus this year is to the date the 10th anniversary of 9.11. Go figure.
 We at the festival wish to produce a concrete remembrance of this occasion.
Who better to tell stories of desperation and destruction, hope and love – than comic creators?”

With Norwegian writer Knut Robert Knutson I have contributed a two page strip called “The Anger Feels So Right!”.

The book which is to be titled “All you Need is Love” will have a print run of 1000. They will be numbered, and only sell to Raptus customers during the festival weekend. Any remaining copies will be sold by prepaid mail order after Raptus. No second run will be produced (as of this time) and there will be no pre-orders before the festival.


Raptus 22-07: All you need is love facebook page

Raptus (The Norwegian Comics Festival)

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