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K-Zine Four

Posted on May 24th, 2012

Graeme Hurry the editor and publisher of Kindle magazine, K-Zine, always tries to be one step ahead. When an issue goes on sale he likes to have the cover for the next issue ready to be displayed on the K-Zine website.

The third issue of the speculative fiction magazine will be available at the Amazon Kindle store on the 26th of this month, so he commissioned me to create the next cover.

This design was, put together using a number of royalty free images from a variety of sites. Once the images had been selected they were combined and manipulated in Photoshop using a variety of tools, and filters .

More information about the magazine can be found on the K-zine website.



Free Stock Photos

Image After – Royalty Free Images

Photo Rack – Free Stock Photos

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Sketch Card Experiment

Posted on May 21st, 2012

I recently stumbled across a website called Art Cards Wanted, a site which allows individual creators to sell their own sketch and trading cards.

As an experiment I have joined the site and posted three cards for sale.

The cards are 64 x 89 mm on 160 GSM stock, the images were drawn in blue pencil and finished with ink and markers.


My Art Cards Wanted Page

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